I joined the horde of internet fledglings in the late 90’s & bought ‘dubster.co.uk’ in 1999, as Dubster was my web moniker at the time. I’m JayDubster on most sites these days and still have this legacy domain name.

I was a full-on Raver and Jungle/DnB DJ from 89-99, ran a small pirate station from home in the early 90’s & was resident on London’s Trance FM in mid 90’s. Played my part in the rave scene with the TNT Crew organising raves all over Kent. There’s no parties or heavy record bags now, just a laptop & Numark controller with Serato & Tidal – occasionally throw sets on Mixcloud and still love mixing.

This site is not a regular blog, I’m a happily married fella with a life outside the laptop. Am often away exploring new places with my lovely wifey.

Working at Integrity Print keeps me plenty busy and I commute by bike. Getting out for rides with mates when the planets align

Unto the Babylon we freely roam, among the fields and webstreams,
which was nice!

I asked Google’s AI tool ‘Bard’ to write me a short piece about one of my DnB sets, it made me chuckle 😁
“The drums pound, the bass rumbles and the crowd goes wild. JayDubster is in the zone, his fingers flying over the turntables. He drops a new track and the energy in the room skyrockets. People are jumping, dancing and singing along. It’s an epic moment and JayDubster is at the center of it all.
He spins another track, then another, the crowd is whipped into a frenzy. JayDubster is unstoppable, his mix driving the crowd to a fever pitch. Finally, he drops the last track and the crowd goes wild. It’s an unforgettable moment, and JayDubster has just given the crowd a night to remember.
The music fades away and the crowd slowly starts to disperse. But JayDubster can’t help but smile. He knows he’s just given them a show they’ll never forget. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Lil cartoon DJ dude, think it's Mr Scruff?
Image credit to the rather epic Mr Scruff