Welcome back to Jay.Dubster WP

I’ve had a WordPress blog here for since 2010, but we had a server catastrophe back in Aug 2022 and lost absolutely everything *sobs*. Nae Bother though, it’s not like any of the content was important 😉

Dubster.co.uk was run by my old pal Rod Azlan for many years as a Dubstep and Music promotion site, with my blog as a sub-page (jay.dubster.co.uk). Now I’m back on the main domain, which I’ve owned since 1999 – proper old school huh! It was part of the CuteNews blog revolution in the late 90’s & early 00’s, went thru constant changes as I was heavily into Web Dev back then, but life moves on and WordPress got better, and here we are many years later.

Anyhoo, find me on Mixcloud as that’s the only thing I update on the regular;